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3 Reasons Why You Need A Car Accident Attorney Today

by Theresa Hoffman

Were you recently involved in an automobile accident? Was the accident the fault of the other driver but you're having a hard time getting any payment from either insurance company? Insurance companies can sometimes be much slower to pay than you would probably prefer. But when you have various bills that need to be taken care of, you don't want to have to keep waiting for your insurance money. You may need professional assistance. If you're already considering hiring an attorney to help you with your case, here are some more reasons why this is a good idea:

No money upfront: Some types of attorneys will want a significant deposit, known as a retainer, before they will begin working for you. This is typically not true when you hire a car accident attorney. Instead of being paid directly by you, he or she will take a percentage of whatever settlement that you finally receive. If, for some reason, you actually wind up losing the case, you may owe nothing at all. Since you may not be getting anything without the assistance of your attorney, this sort of agreement can be extremely favorable for you.

More experience with insurance companies: Having an experienced car accident attorney means that he or she has a much better idea of who to contact or what papers to file in order to get the entire process moving more quickly. This includes paperwork both with the insurance company and with your local court system.  In many instances, your case won't even need to go to court before the insurance company offers you a favorable settlement. The results may not be instantaneous, but they may feel that way after your own experience of not being able to get anything at all from the insurance companies. 

Add importance to your claims: Your car accident attorney may be able to help you with more than just dealing with the insurance company. If you have a creditor who keeps calling and insisting that you pay your bill, your attorney could be of assistance. Your creditor might not believe that you'll have the money to pay your bill but they may believe it if your attorney tells them. Having an attorney is a good way to show that you're serious about your claims. Your attorney can verify that you're telling the truth about both your injuries and being currently unable to work and earn money to pay off your bills.

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