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  • Should You Speak To A Social Security Lawyer?

    21 March 2023

    To find out what a Social Security lawyer can do for your case, read below. Submit a Good Application If you are unable to work at your job because of a medical disorder, the first thing to do is submit an application. If you are approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you could be paid a monthly payment. The application, though, is long and complex. Many applicants ruin their chances at approval by failing to fill it out properly or completely.

  • Sole Custody: How To Decide What Is Best For You And Your Child

    21 March 2023

    Parents can choose from several custody variations, and they all have their good and not-so-good aspects. Sole custody may be the simplest type of child custody for many families. Parental Rights and Sole Custody  Many parents get the mistaken idea that sole custody means one parent is in total charge of the child. However, both parents will continue to parent equally with sole custody. That is because sole custody usually refers to physical and not legal custody.

  • The Increasing Role Of Science In Criminal Cases

    13 February 2023

     Criminal cases generally hinge on what the evidence indicates. Unsurprisingly, this means prosecutors love almost anything that supplies them with more evidence. For decades this has meant that criminal prosecutions have incorporated more and more science. This has major implications for defendants. Foremost, prosecutors aren't always picky about science versus junk science when they think a jury will buy an argument. Secondly, even proven science requires competent interpretation. Third, lab tests often tip the balance on whether something counts as evidence.

  • Did You Know That What You Do After A Vehicle Crash Can Make You Lose Your Rightful Payment?

    6 January 2023

    Some vehicle crash victims only recover a percentage of the payment they deserve. In most cases, this usually happens because they make costly mistakes when handling the compensation process. Therefore, if a vehicle hits you, you need to understand the missteps that can make you fail to get your rightful settlement. Note that you can know this by talking to an attorney right after the crash. More importantly, they will advise you to avoid the following mistakes that can make you get a lower payment or even fail to get compensation.