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Should You Speak To A Social Security Lawyer?

by Theresa Hoffman

To find out what a Social Security lawyer can do for your case, read below.

Submit a Good Application

If you are unable to work at your job because of a medical disorder, the first thing to do is submit an application. If you are approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, you could be paid a monthly payment. The application, though, is long and complex. Many applicants ruin their chances at approval by failing to fill it out properly or completely. What many don't realize is that the Social Security Administration (SSA) and their caseworkers know nothing of your medical issues and your inability to work at your job. The application is your chance, perhaps your only chance, to show why you need SSDI benefits. 

Social Security lawyers can help you submit an application that contains what the SSA wants to know about your condition. They will get the information they need from you, complete the application, and submit it once it's signed. 

Prove Your Condition

Even when your application is a good one, the SSA may need more information before they proceed. When the SSA contacts you, it will always be via the mail. They may ask you for things like your medical records, doctor's notes, the results of tests, and questions about your condition that are complex and confusing. Let a Social Security lawyer work on your behalf to collect your medical information and answer those confusing questions. They know how to get your records quickly transmitted to the SSA so that a decision can be made. 

Meet the Deadlines

Most SSA matters have deadlines and a big one comes after you are denied benefits. The denial letter explains why your application was not approved and what your options are for filing for an appeal. You have only a few weeks to ask for the appeal hearing, though. Let a lawyer handle scheduling your hearing so that you won't have to start over with your application from the beginning. 

Prepare for Your Appeal and Represent You 

Your appeal hearing could be a major event. Many people, if they are able to show how the SSA erred in their denial, can be approved for benefits after such a hearing. You must be prepared, though, to stand before the SSA hearing officer and the vocational expert and explain why you deserve benefits. Let a lawyer take on this task and get you the benefits you deserve. 

Contact a Social Security attorney for more information.