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Can't Get Away From Your Spouse? Take These Actions During Your Divorce

by Theresa Hoffman

Although divorce can be painful and emotionally draining for most couples, they complete the proceedings amicably and respectfully. But for some individuals, the ending of their marriage can be devastating. These individuals may try to control or abuse their divorcing spouses by following or keeping tabs on them. If the person you're divorcing won't leave you alone or knows exactly where you are at all times, take steps to find out why. Here's how you do it.

Tell a Divorce Attorney

One of the very first things you want to do to keep safe is tell a divorce attorney about your spouse. An attorney can legally document and record the details of your spouse's unhealthy behavior. In some cases, you may need to report the problems you have with the other person to the local authorities. A divorce lawyer may help you do so.

An attorney may need several things from you, including the:

  1. Times you or other people witnessed the other spouse following you.
  2. Number of times you received physical and verbal threats from the other spouse.
  3. Names of friends and family members who encounter or speak to the other spouse.

An attorney may also want to determine how and why the other spouse knows your whereabouts at all times.

Look for Bugging Devices

If the other person bugged your vehicle or purse, an attorney needs to find out why and how. Some angry spouses and ex-spouses use bugging devices like GPS trackers to trace their divorcing spouses. The devices are often small enough to hide inside the pockets of purses or behind the rods of car tires. An individual can also place a tracking device inside the backpacks and pencil cases of their children.

Check your purse and children's belongings for debugging devices. The devices may look similar to small black boxes or another strange object. If you find something out of the ordinary, take it to a divorce lawyer.

You'll need to take your car to an auto technician or mechanic for the next step. A technician can check beneath your car and around your tires for tracking systems. Devices may also hide inside your trunk, along the bottom frame of your vehicle, and behind your tag. If a mechanic finds a device, take it to an attorney immediately.

Depending on your state's laws, an attorney may be able to obtain a restraining order against the other spouse. The actions needed to protect you and your children may vary, so speak to a divorce attorney for more information.

If you're afraid of the other spouse and need help with your divorce, contact an attorney right away.