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3 Circumstances Where You Should Hire a Civil Litigation Lawyer

by Theresa Hoffman

The civil litigation process is different from the criminal justice system because the aim is not to charge someone, find them guilty, and sentence them to a jail term. The main aim of civil litigation is to prove that a client suffered injuries and damages and that the defendant was at fault. When this has been established, the defendant compensates for the plaintiff. 

The advantage of civil cases is that the standard of what is considered proof of guilt is less strict than what is admissible when handling criminal charges. The only threshold to meet is to present more compelling evidence than your opponent. This is a simple feat to achieve when you have the guidance of a competent lawyer. Here are three main circumstances that signify you ought to hire a civil litigation lawyer.

1. Product Liability Lawsuits

Before a product is put into the market to be consumed by the general public, it undergoes a series of tests by the relevant government bodies. For instance, the Food and Drug Administration is in charge of ensuring that every item classified as food or a drug cannot negatively affect the human body.

However, some manufacturers find loopholes in the system and create harmful products. If a group of people has been harmed by a faulty product, they can create a joint lawsuit against the product manufacturer. With the help of a competent attorney, they can prove that the manufacturer was at fault and get compensated for damages. 

2. Environmental Liability Cases

The environmental protection bodies are tasked with creating laws that protect humans and animals from harmful pollution and other practices that endanger their habitat. However, corporates and individuals sometimes go against these laws and release toxins to the environment. When communities suffer loss and damages as a result of reckless pollution by another party, they are allowed to sue the errant party and get compensation for their damages. Having a lawyer for the class lawsuit makes it simpler to prove culpability and get compensation.

3. Intellectual Property Disputes

When someone steals something tangible from you, it is easy to prove ownership and get it back. However, when someone steals your IP, it can be very hard to prove you own the product. Civil litigation lawyers help you write cease and desist notices for the person to stop using your property, and help you get compensated for it. 

These are just a few of the many cases you can solve with the help of a competent civil litigation lawyer. Hire a competent lawyer for the best-case outcome.