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Secrets Your Divorce Lawyer May Not Reveal to You

by Theresa Hoffman

You may find marriage dissolution to be a foreign environment you would never want to explore. It's natural if you want to hire a professional tour guide, say, a divorce attorney, to lead you down the right road. After all, don't lawyers have a good understanding of the terrain? Your legal representative is likely to have come across dozens, if not hundreds, of divorce cases and helped solve them. Thus, they can competently guide you through the process. But they may not reveal everything to you at first. Here are some of the secrets you may not hear from your lawyer:

You Can Get a Pro Bono Lawyer

Divorce attorneys can be quite costly. They are highly competent specialists with in-demand abilities. These skills allow them to charge ever-increasing prices for their time, expertise, and services. On the other hand, some lawyers are ready to offer their services pro bono to help the needy.

Pro gratis programs exist. They assist low-income individuals in locating volunteer lawyers who are ready to provide free legal assistance or, in exceptional cases, to handle a complete case for free. Some of these organizations also give a free legal hotline to get quick, professional advice from an attorney. These programs have incredibly knowledgeable attorneys who are independent but contribute a considerable time to society. The state or local bar associations sponsor them.

Legal Fees May Force you to Live an Extremely Simple Lifestyle

You may not receive advice to make drastic changes in your spending habits. But you should take a long, critical look at your income and consider making some significant changes if necessary. It's demoralizing to see a substantial drop in the living standards with which you've been familiar for a long time. Yet, it's often better to make temporary sacrifices in your lifestyle than to have a low-cost lawyer representing you and miss opportunities to obtain a fair outcome.

What the Judge Say Regarding You

Judges will occasionally express their feelings towards the parties. It can be helpful at times, but it isn't always. It could have a significant influence on the counsel your lawyer gives you while you're trying to reach an agreement. Your lawyer might not always advise you to litigate a matter about which they believe the judge will not decide in your favor. Meanwhile, during discussions, the "code" requires that a lawyer not disclose the information discussed in secret by the court or another counsel. In most cases, the lawyers and the court share the goal of settling the matter.

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