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What To Expect From A Free Online Disability Case Evaluation

by Theresa Hoffman

When you are denied your disability benefits, you might wonder if you made some type of mistake or if you are simply not entitled to disability benefits. However, you might be afraid to hire a disability attorney to fight for your rights for compensation. Fortunately, you may be able to have your disability evaluated for free.

What to Expect from a Free Online Disability Evaluation

The initial goal of the disability evaluation is to filter out those who will never qualify for SSA benefits. For example, you might simply be earning too much money or you might not be expected to be out of work for long enough. However, once it is possible that you might receive compensation for your disability, the next step will be to provide information on the medical treatment you have received.

You will provide information on whether you are currently receiving medical treatment and whether or not your condition has been evaluated by a physician. Once you have provided this information and the system determines that you might have a case, you will be asked to provide contact information.

Your Free Disability Benefits Case Evaluation

Disability attorneys are often happy to offer free disability case evaluations. You will have no obligation and can choose at any point not to work with an SSDI attorney. The attorney will try to gather more information about your case and you will be able to tell them more about the disability you are experiencing. 

Next, you will learn about the various ways in which you can fight for your rights. This can include:

  • Forms 
  • Motions
  • Proposed orders
  • Appeals

The attorney can handle any aspects of your case that you do not understand or that you simply do not want to handle yourself. With each decision you are considering making, your attorney will help you understand your likelihood of success.

When to Hire the Attorney

If you like the attorney and if the attorney believes that you have a chance of filing a successful claim, you should consider hiring that specific attorney. They will know more about your claim and will be able to increase the odds that your claim will be accepted by helping you avoid common pitfalls.

Some disability cases are very complex, such as cases that involve rare medical conditions, and you will need help from a highly educated and experienced disability attorney. For more information on free online disability case evaluations, visit a lawyer's website.